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We will honor tax expemption for all customers when it applies. Due to the economy, we are going to begin offering volume discounts as posted on our website.
However, if you are an existing regular customer we will honor any special pricing we have set up for you.
We Thank You for your patience as we make our way through this tough economic time and hope our volume discounts and specials will be satisfactory.
To set up a Wholesale Account, email Talisman Associates at: ( use subject heading "wholesale password" and include the required information below. If you do not receive a reply within two business days, please look in your spam folder or re-try your email.
Old Wholesale login is no longer valid due to the change of website servers. Please re-register following new customer registration instructions.
We value our Customer's privacy, we do not rent or sell our customerís information to anyone!
Thank you for choosing Talisman!