Review dated 7/06/11 

1. I like having the website to refer to, however I prefer to buy my beads in person because I like touching them before I buy them. If I need a certain kind a bead and a show isn't coming up, a website is great for that. 
2. Please keep doing the MA shows (Marlborough, Mansfield, Falmouth). :) 
3. I love your selection of pearls and lucite beads! I would hate to see you guys go, I've been a customer for a couple of years and I would not like to lose you!  
I will definitely be entering something into the contest, I just need to pick my favorite piece! 

Thanks Kate Simpson 


Review dated 7/05/11 

 Hi! I saw your call for entries in my e-mail this week and want to share my enthusiasm for your magnesite stones. I discovered them in Tucson this past February and couldn't decide which colors I liked best! I bought the green & pink ones to complement a Jeff Barber glass cabochon, the orange ones to finish the strap on a peyote stitched muse for a friend, the red ones and blue ones for my stash and I probably have another string or two that I just haven't unpacked yet. I bought several colors in different shapes. They add so much to my pieces. This one, as I said, started with a Jeff Barber glass cab that I bezeled and embellished before I left for Tucson. Then I got beader's block. When I found the magnesite beads, I knew that's what I had been waiting for. They look great in Oglala lace don't you think? 

 Jean Erickson Hopkins, MN